Kapalbhati (Benefits and precautions of kapalbhati pranayama)

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Kapalbhati is the most popular yoga asana (yoga posture) and it improves the respiratory system. Kapal Bhati has two words Kapal means forehead(skull) and Bhati means shining. Kapalbhati pranayama has a lot of benefits and it cures a lot of diseases. It is only related to the breathing process only. Yoga and pranayama are great actions to keep your mind and body healthy.

Nowadays kapalbhati pranayam is a part of life all over the world because it revitalizes or boosts the immune system and also permanently cures lifestyle-related diseases like high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, etc. By doing this even the oldest diseases get cured.

It is proven that many diseases are cured by doing Kapal Bhati pranayama for only 5 minutes regularly in the morning on an empty stomach or before breakfast. By doing this the blood circulation is good as well as the mind remains calm.

Kapalbhati is a shat kriya, shat kriya a cleansing technique that helps to remove the toxins in our body. If you want to avoid diseases, then definitely try kapalbhati.

Kapalbhati is pranayama because this action is done by breath. It not only keeps your mind calm but also gets rid of more than 100 diseases if you do it properly.

Benefits of kapalbhati:

Kpalbhati yoga benefits are given below.

  • It is most effective in weight loss because it improves the metabolic rate.
  • It reduces workplace tension.
  • By doing it regularly it enhances the capacity of your lungs and it strengthen your chest.
  • It cures lifestyle diseases like, high blood pressure, diabetes, etc.
  • It improves the digestive system.
  • By doing It regularly it cures asthma.
  • It cleans toxic from your abdominal organs.
  • It energizes the nervous system.
  • By doing it regularly it enhances the function of the inner body organs like liver, kidney, etc.
  • It improves blood circulation; it helps to reduce the dark circles under the eyes and premature signs of aging and gives a radiant glow.
  • It calms your mind.
  • It is useful in treating cold, dust allergies, sinusitis, rhinitis, etc.
  • By doing it regularly, it maintains the energy level in the body.
  • It is very beneficial in the problem of gas and acidity.
  • It increases the memory power and the brain also works faster.
  • It reduces the co2 level in the blood and increases the oxygen level.
  • It increases the concentration power.
  • It provides relief from anxiety and tension.
  • It helps to relieve in constipation.
  • By doing it regularly it cures insomnia (sleeplessness).
  • It improves hair growth and stops hair fall.

Kapalbhati steps:

  • Sit on a yoga mat at open place in any one of the meditative postures like sukasana, padmasana, or vajrasana, etc. It is important to sit comfortably.
  • Close your eyes and relax your body.
  • Keep your head and back straight.
  • Place your hands on the knees with palms are facing the upward.
  • Next fold the index finger of both hands, such that their tips touch the tips of the thumb.
  • Take a deep breath in.
  • While exhaling with a jerk, pull the stomach inwards. Keep doing this continuously for few minutes. Do only 20 times at a time to complete one round.
  • Do at least 3 to 4 rounds of kapalbhati every day.
  • After doing kapalbhati if you clap for a while, you will get more benefits.

Tips for kapalbhati:

  • Practice kapalbhati pranayama In an empty stomach in morning time.
  • Do it regularly and in a slow breathing process, to get result.
  • Women during pregnancy and shortly after pregnancy must avoid kapalbhati.
  • This pranayama is not only related to the body but also related to the body. If you do this pranayama in wrong way, heart related diseases and neurological problems can occur.
  • While doing kapalbhati pranayama do not increase or decrease the speed of breathing, keep it the same speed.

Kapalbhati for beginners:

Beginners can start kapalbhati 10 -20 breaths in one round. Do two more rounds of kapalbhati, then increase it gradually.

Kapalbhati for belly fat and weight loss:

Yes, it is most effective in weight loss because it improves the metabolic rate. But do not try numerous rounds of kapalbhati with the hope of losing belly fat and weight loss. It may dangerous, but after doing it regularly you must get the best result of kapalbhati.

Kapalbhati is helpful in increasing the level of oxygen in the body:

Yoga experts say that this is advanced breathing practice in kapalbhati posture that helps in reducing the carbon dioxide level in the blood, which helps in increasing the oxygen level in the body. This breathing technique involves “active exhalation and passive breathing” and helps in correcting low blood circulation in the body.

Types of kapalbhati:

There are three types of kapalbhati pranayama.

  • Vatakrama kapalbhati
  • Vyutkrama kapalbhati
  • Sheetkrama kapalbhati

Vatakrama kapalbhati:

In this pranayama, the only focus is how you breathe. This breathing technique involves active exhalation and passive or slow breathing. We briefly discussed about vatakrama kapalbhati pranayama in this article.

Vyutkrama kapalbhati:

In this pranayama taking water in through your nostrils and spit it out through your mouth.

Sheetkrama kapalbhati:

It is the opposite of vyutkrama kapalbhati. In this pranayama take in water from the mouth and expel it through your nostrils.

Side effects of kapalbhati:

Basically, there are no side effects, some peoples feel these side effects.

  • Kaaplbhati may lead to hypertension, doit under the guidance of a certified yoga teacher.
  • Kapalbhati may lead to hernia.
  • It can cause dizziness and headache.
  • You may feel a vomiting sensation.
  • Your mouth can become dry.
  • You might experience excessive perspiration.

Kapalbhati precautions:

  • If you have a hernia, ulcer, respiratory disease or hyper tension (Because it can lead to high BP), epilepsy, backache, recently undergone abdominal surgery, etc then definitely consult a doctor before doing kapalbhati.
  • Women should not practice the kapalbhati during and shortly after pregnancy as well as during menstruation.
  • Kapalbhati should be learned from a certified yoga teacher.
  • Your shoulders should not move while doing Kapalbhati.


People with hypertension and heart problems should practice kapal bhati slowly under the guidance of a yoga expert. Kapalbhati cures hypertension by doing it regularly.

Faq’s for Kapalbhati?

Will kapalbhati reduce belly fat?

Yes, it is most effective in weight loss because it improves the metabolic rate.

Which time is best for kapalbhati pranayam?

Practice kapalbhati pranayama in an empty stomach in the morning time.

Is kapalbhati good for hair?

Yes, kapalbhati pranayam is good for hair.

Which yoga is best for glowing skin?

Yes, kapalbhati pranayam is good for glowing skin.

Can yoga remove dark circles?

Yes, it helps to remove under-eye dark circles.

Can I do kapalbhati yoga after food?

Give relief from anxiety or panic, stress, hypertension, diabetes, etc

During the women’s period, kapalbhati pranayama can be done?

No, during women’s period, kapalbhati pranayam must avoid.

Kapalbhati pranayama can be done during or shortly after pregnancy?

No, during or shortly after pregnancy, kapalbhati pranayam must avoid.

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